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some languages that ive worked in ....







racket but i hate it

arcGIS it kind of counts

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ヾ( • ෴ •*)〴 ヾ( • ෴ •*)〴 ヾ( • ෴ •*)〴 ヾ( • ෴ •*)〴

in march 2024, an older gardener at the annual Boston garden convention asked me my major. i told her, computer science and environmental science. "Goodness," she said, "you're not going to put AI in the plants, right?"

i'm currently wondering if everything needs a double

〈ꆤ⍸ꆤ〉 〈ꆤ⍸ꆤ〉 〈ꆤ⍸ꆤ〉 〈ꆤ⍸ꆤ〉 〈ꆤ⍸ꆤ〉 〈ꆤ⍸ꆤ〉 〈ꆤ⍸ꆤ〉 〈ꆤ⍸ꆤ〉 〈ꆤ⍸ꆤ〉 〈ꆤ⍸ꆤ〉 〈ꆤ⍸ꆤ〉 〈ꆤ⍸ꆤ〉 〈ꆤ⍸ꆤ〉

- [] x | corn.java

cornmaze runner

java. breadth/depth first search auto generated maze solver

- [] x | penguins.py

penguin tracker

python, influxdb. automatic signal processing & live update dashboards

for RFID tags used on penguins in antartica

- [] x | deadend.py

link rot mapping

python. crawler that detects link rot.

- [] x | pshop.java

my personal photoshop

java, java gui. load, transform, save images

- [] x | air.py

clarity air quality analysis

python, pandas, numpy, sklearn

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- [] x | web.js

this website

html, css, javascript, next.js, react

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gardener's pocketbook

SQL + Java frontend database practice of plants, their companions, and how to take care of them