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some languages that ive worked in ....







racket but i hate it

arcGIS it kind of counts

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when i get asked why i chose a CS major, i sometimes joke that my dad showed me too many 'AI Take Over The World' videos and sci-fi movies when I was a kid and it scared me into wanting to understand what a computer was .

all jokes aside, it is true that i'm not technology's number one fan. while i think it is fascinating , and while i love the ability to build things and solve problems through programming , i believe that technology is an incredibly powerful tool and using it responsibly should be everyone's number one concern moving into the future. tech has a lot of potential, good and bad, and as much passion that goes into inventing new cool tech advancements needs to go into the evaluation of the impacts of the things that we are creating.

what are you creating ? and do you remember why ? and do you love it ? and will it love you?

- [] x | corn.java

cornmaze runner

java. breadth/depth first search auto generated maze solver

- [] x | pshop.java

my personal photoshop

java, java gui. load, edit, save images

- [] x | air.py

clarity air quality analysis

python, pandas, numpy, sklearn

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- [] x | web.js

this website

html, css, javascript, next.js, react

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gardener's pocketbook

SQL + Java frontend database practice of plants, their companions, and how to take care of them