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"hello and welcome! im kel. if you want to get to know me , i would love to get to know you . how do you take eggs out the carton ?

"in less important news, im a computer science and environmental sustainability sciences student at northeastern in boston, massachuesetts (massachuessts? mass). computer science is an incredibly powerful tool and im passionate about making sure it is used correctly. i hope to be able to use coding as tool to generate solutions for sustainability problems . or maybe just fall off the face of the planet in a couple years. you know, which ever way the biscuit breaks .

about this website- you can drag and click on a lot of stuff ! all the green links for sure are clickable, you can drag these fake application windows around, and most of the gifs or images can also be clicked . have fun and know that however much fun you have , i had twice as much fun making it for you .

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